Bend News: Shooter killed along with 2 others in shootout at bend shopping center

Photo By Koin

Band police were informed of a shooting incident at a shopping center near Highway 20 in Bend on Sunday night. According to the report of the Central Oregon Daily, two other people including a shooter died in the shopping center there.

The man who saw this happening told the Central Oregon Daily that he heard 5-8 shots, and then within a minute he listened to 10-20 shots at once. Then he saw that in no time the police came there.
Dozens of Bend police officers and Deschutes County Sheriff's representatives arrived at the scene, with the Central Oregon Daily News team saying the attackers blew windows in the Big Lots.
City Band Police tweeted saying that
An active investigation is underway in the area of ​​the Forum Shopping Center. Please avoid the area. More updates to come as the investigation continues.

bend police says that none of their officers fired a bullet, investigation is going on now, after investigation the whole news will be known properly.

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