"Hacktivist Vanguard's Cyber Siege: Pakistan's Nationwide Digital Blackout"

Pakistan faces a nationwide digital blackout after the Hacktivist Vanguard, a well-known cyber activist group, took down all websites under the .gov.pk domain. This left government agencies, schools, and public services offline, causing frustration among citizens and forcing businesses to seek alternative solutions.

The attack began early Wednesday, with the group's symbol and a message condemning alleged government censorship, human rights abuses, and economic inequality appearing on websites across the country. Social media buzzed with speculation and the hashtag #govpkhutdown as people shared their experiences.

The Pakistani government swiftly condemned the "sophisticated cybercrime" and pledged to restore online services. Prime Minister Imran Khan held an emergency meeting with cybersecurity officials to assess the damage and plan a response. Initial reports point to vulnerabilities in the government's domain server as the source of the attack.

The blackout significantly disrupted daily life, affecting online banking, education, and government databases. Hospitals and emergency services switched to backups, emphasizing the dangers of such cyberattacks.

The attack sparked mixed reactions in Pakistan, with some supporting the group's motives as a protest against government injustices, while others criticized the hardship it caused citizens.

The international community, including the United Nations, called for an investigation. Cybersecurity experts warned about potential wider implications and future cyber threats.

Efforts are ongoing to restore online services, but the Hacktivist Vanguard remains silent, leaving both the world and Pakistani citizens to deal with the fallout of this unprecedented blackout.
Bhupendra Singh Sonwal

Bhupendra Singh Sonwal is a freelance journalist, and the founder of news media companies Public Dastak and Mission Ki Awaaz. He started these companies for hidden news. It is his job to bring all the hidden news to the public and being happy with his work, the society has honored him many times.

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