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Manojit Mandal,  also  known  as  Jishu Mandal,  is  an  Indian musician, singer, musician, programmer, composer, and live performer  from  Maynaguri,  India.
Jishu  Mandal gained  his  stardom from  his  YouTube  channel and  Facebook  Audio  Singing  LIVE Session,  where  he  covers  &  sings  Bollywood  and  Bengali  songs.
Early  Life  &  Education  Jishu  Mandal  hails  from  Maynaguri,  India.
He  was passionate about  music  from  an  early  age  and began  his  music  career  at  the  age  of  15  years.

to  Childhood  School  Name  Golden  Child  Hood  Institute  &  High  School  Name  Maynaguri  High  School  &  College  from  Maynaguri  College,  Maynaguri,  Jalpaiguri.
Personal  Life, Familie,  Jishu Mandal's girlfriend  lives  with  his  father, his mother, and  his  single  brother.

Jatindra  Mohan  Mandal is his father's name, and his mother's  name  is  Chhaya  Mandal.

It  was  not easy  for a  young person  to be  an actor, singer, artist, musician artist, digital creator, andentrepreneur.  He  has been looking for  a way  to  keep  the  ball  moving  while  at  the  same  time being flexible.  Sameer  Quraishi  made  a  point  to  do  well  in  this  space by keeping  his  music on. He  kept  his  process  smooth  with  his  outstanding ability, while  conveying  various  sorts  of  melodies  and  recordings  on  different issues. He  has  demonstrated  to  the  world  that  he  is  a  skillful  man  in  music and  other  specialized  things  that  will  make  him  a  champ  in  the  traditional  press.
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