Taiwan military shoots down unidentified camera drone off the coast of China

 Taiwan's military said it "shot and detonated an unidentified military camera drone when it entered a restricted area off the coast of China".

Regarding this incident, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said, 'The Army's Jinmen Defense Command said that at 12:30 this afternoon, an unidentified military drone camera was seen entering the restricted waters of Shiyu Island. It was destroyed in the firing of the army.

According to NDTV The Defense Ministry has also said in its statement that strict search and surveillance is being done to maintain the security of the area.

The area will be taken care of so that there is no problem in the area. The incident took place at 12.30 pm on Tuesday when a military drone camera was spotted in a restricted area off the coast of China, the army opened fire on it and the drone was destroyed.

There was also an incident on 16 August, when two Chinese drones passed over a Taiwanese army post, a Taiwanese soldier wearing a mask destroyed a drone with a stone.

The Kinmen Defense Command said two Chinese drones were found on Lion Islet on Little Kinmen Island on Saturday and Monday. The statement said that at around 4 pm, the lions went over the islet and their height was rising very low, just 30 meters from the ground.

Bhupendra Singh Sonwal

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